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Choosing the right recording mode in Winshuttle Studio Transaction

By Tammy Lake posted 02-18-2021 17:09


When you create a new SAP transaction recording using Winshuttle Studio Transaction, selecting the right recording mode is important.  You may be wondering how to know which recording mode is the right choice.  Sometimes the answer is "it depends".  What I mean by that is it is possible different recording modes for the same transaction may be required depending on what you are recording.

Let's start by explaining the Standard recording mode.  One of the core components of Winshuttle is the Winshuttle Function Module (WFM).  The WFM is installed in the SAP system in the Winshuttle namespace and handles a lot of behind the scenes processing.  Winshuttle has defined the optimum recording mode for the transactions most commonly used by our customers.  If the transaction has been defined in the WFM, using the Standard recording mode will automatically select what is defined in the WFM.  Use the Winshuttle product support site to search for articles containing Winshuttle's recommended recording mode for specific transactions, if needed.  See this link for more information about the Winshuttle Function Module.  As a best practice, unless there is a specific reason not to, always start with the Standard recording mode when recording transactions.

There may be instances when a different recording mode is needed.  Below are a few considerations to think about for each mode, and more information around each recording mode can be found here.

  1. Non batch without controls - Use when
    1. the WFM is not installed (not common)
    2. using the SAP Extended log
  2. Non batch with controls - Use when
    1. Recording long text not supported by Studio's "Add Long Text" function.  See this link for more information.
  3. Batch - Use when
    1. screen has been optimized to run in Batch Input mode
  4. GUI Scripting - Use
    1. only if all of the other options fail - GUI scripting works as a screen reader and is the most sensitive to any transaction screen variations in the GUI.  It is also the most difficult recording mode to maintain.
    2. when there is no way to guarantee a specific row can be selected with 100% accuracy.  Things to try before resorting to GUI scripting
      1. Always look for something like Find, Select, Filter, Position, etc.  It might be on a button or in a menu.
      2. If detail lines are displayed in an ALV (ABAP list viewer), like in ME51N for example, you may be able to disable the ALV to have better access to the fields.
        1. Check Personal Settings, Item Overview, Check Item overview as a grid control

GUI Scripting Tips

  • To use GUI Scripting, it must be enabled in SAP.  See How to Enable GUI Scripting
  • GUI Scripting does not work with web forms or workflows
  • GUI Scripting does not use technical screen and field names because the recording works directly on the screen
  • The Debug popup in GUI Scripting is different because it doesn’t use SAP OK codes

Shout out to Jennifer Hwang, Winshuttle Sr. Solutions Engineer, for collaborating with me on this blog post!  For more great Winshuttle information, check out Jennifer's blogs!