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How to use individual run settings in a Winshuttle Studio chain script

By Tammy Lake posted 04-08-2021 16:38


When a new Winshuttle Studio chain script is created, the default value for Run settings is All from First Script.  However, there may be times when you want to use individual run settings for each script.  For example, you may have a chain of scripts that do the same interactions in multiple SAP systems.  In that case you may want to use the Run settings selected for each individual script.


Select the SAP System to run for each script

  1. Open individual scripts in Winshuttle Studio
  2. Select the Run tab
  3. Chose the SAP system to run against from the Auto Logon Credentials drop-down

 Repeat steps 1 - 3 for each individual script to be included in the chain


Chaining scripts together using individual run settings

  1. Open the first script in Winshuttle Studio
  2. Select the Run tab
  3. Click Chain Scripts
  4. Choose All from Individual Scripts from the Run settings drop-down to use the run settings set for each individual script
  5. Click Add to add an additional script
  6. Select the next script

 Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add additional scripts



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04-15-2021 08:54

Hi Tammy,

I wonder if you know of a solution that groups multiple scripts in a chain to one Log on, without using the Auto-Log-On-Credentials. Reason I'm asking, is that the template is to be used by multiple runner users. As far as I know the Auto-Log-On-Credentials solution only works for one specific user.
Appreciate your reply.

Many thanks,