The skills you need to succeed

Winshuttle is pleased to offer a new eLearning platform (built on Ancile uPerform) containing modules for every product and user role within your organization. If you’re looking to brush up on a single topic, you can watch an instructional video, practice the concept via a simulation or view a step-by-step guide for applying the concept to your own use case.

To gain a larger set of skills (example: Transaction Basics), take an eLearning course that will lead you through concept introduction and explanation, practice simulations and assessments to measure your understanding.

Logging in to the platform

Brushy Puzzle Upon clicking a link above, you will need to log in to view the eLearning content. If you don’t have credentials, you can click the option in the top right to Request User Account.

Fill in the appropriate details using your corporate email address. You should receive a reply with account details within 24 hours.