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Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

  • 1.  Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 08-10-2020 13:45

    Hey Winshuttle Campers –

    We hope you're enjoying your summer and honing your skills in Studio, Foundation, Evolve and EnterWorks. We'd love to see what you've learned lately or along your Winshuttle journey by posting in the community for all to see and share in the learning.

    Submit your Camp Winshuttle story:

    • Share your use case, which product you're using, and what you learned “at camp” – tip/trick, skill, benefit to you and/or your company
    • Share your journey: how you got to where you are and what you learned along the way. How did Winshuttle Studio, Foundation/Evolve, or EnterWorks help you get there?

    Simply reply to this message with your tip and feel free to include screenshots and/or videos.

    The individual posts that receive the most "recommends" for each Winshuttle platform (Studio, Foundation/Evolve, EnterWorks) will win the grand prize – Power Beats Pro Wireless Ear Buds! We'll also have random prize drawings and all eligible entries will receive a new "Evergreen" Brushy set, a Smores Kit, and the "Camper" badge on the community. Visit the contest page for details and prizes.

    We look forward to reading your tips!

    Community Manager | Winshuttle

  • 2.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 08-11-2020 10:52
    HI Campers (I really want to say band campers ;) )

    Hope everyone is well!  Here's my tip. 

    I can't count how many times I've been showing financial master data examples, and someone asks me:  "What about hierarchies?"   The first time, I didn't know.  For cost centers - which is my example - you can assign a standard hierarchy in KS01/2, but you cannot assign the cost center to other groups.  I looked at the tcode for cost centers hierarchies (groups), KSH1/2 and cringed a little.  I always try to avoid GUI scripting, so I kept looking   There are BAPIs to help, and to get a list of nodes in a hierarchy, a bapi is best.  But to add/remove nodes and add/remove cost centers easily, I had to get creative.

    So my tip - there's an accessibility format that will help automate KSH1/2, and  I can thank a colleague for that tip.  Note, too, that this will work for profit center hierarchies, as well, KCH1/2.

    Here's what a cost center hierarchy looks like normally:
    1. Here's how to swap into accessibility format:

    1. On the first screen of KSH2, for example, click Extras -> Default Settings -> Format, like this

    1. Check accessibility and save user parameters

    Now the hierarchy will look like this for a particular node in a cost center group.

    The button on top will list cost centers.  And there are add and delete buttons for the group nodes.

    Here is a list of Cost Centers on that particular node - and notice the add and delete buttons for the cost centers assigned to that group node

    How I would approach scripting:
    1. create an accessibility format script that changes the format and pass in the "X" to check the accessibility option and save to user parameters
    2. create a script to add nodes or delete nodes and separate scripts to add or delete cost centers.  For these scripts:
      • You'll need to pass in the parent node and then a child node to add or delete nodes in the group
      • You'll also need to pass the parent node and then cost centers to add or delete
    3. then run the accessibility format script to un-check accessibility mode - pass in a blank
    4. chain them together so that it swaps the format, runs the hierarchy updates then swaps the format back.
    Note that if you choose to use GUI scripting, you can do all of these steps in one script.  

    One additional tip - if you delete a node, all nodes and cost centers assigned to those nodes will also be deleted from the cost center group, so please take care with this action.

    If you have additional suggestions here on this topic, please reply.  There are often many ways to approach an automation challenge.

    Happy scripting!

    PS:   I have an example if anyone needs it that moves cost centers from one group node to another.  I've submitted it as a template, so hopefully it will be available soon.

    Sigrid Kok
    PSE | Winshuttle NA

  • 3.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 08-14-2020 15:16
    Hello Community members,
    My name is Bob Demetter and I am the Master Data Manager at Carhartt in Detroit, MI.
    Carhartt utilizes all 3 of the listed solutions:  Winshuttle Studio, Foundation/Evolve and EnterWorks.
    Our journey and partnership with these solutions began a few years ago when we were looking for efficiency in our workflow and product data integration.  Winshuttle Studio has given us the rights and access to customize mass data upload needs from our PLM system (Centric) to our current ERP system (SAP) via the use of automated scripts.

    We are currently on Winshuttle Foundation version 11, which we use for additional various work flow integration projects.  A great benefit there has been the order of operations and notification capabilities for our multiple step data enrichment processes. 
    In our current efforts to upgrade from SAP ECC to S4/Hana, we identified that Foundation 11 is not compatible with S4.  This has necessitated an immediate upgrade need to Winshuttle Evolve which we are implementing now.

    While working with the capabilities of Winshuttle, we identified the need to consolidate and govern various sources for product master data - the hunt for the elusive golden record of product data.  After vetting several solutions, we partnered with EnterWorks.  We currently only tap into its Product Domain capabilities, but there is the future potential to expand into the Consumer/Customer data domains and DAM capabilities as well.

    What I have learned along the way is that the solution itself will not make things better.  A tool is a tool.  My lawnmower does not cut my grass by itself.  The more time that can be spent in strategy and setup before implementation of a new solution - the easier the integration will go.  I have also learned that this is not a destination activity - the journey never stops, nor should you want it to.  Stagnation and comfort lead to obsolescence.  The horizon is ever-expanding and a finish line should not be the goal.

    EnterWorks and Winshuttle make my job easier.  They provide the order and structure to bring my strategies to fruition.

    Bob Demetter | Manager of Master Data
    Carhartt | 313-749-6564

  • 4.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 08-19-2020 14:21
    These are some great tips. It's times like these I wish I had ears so I could win those Power Beats Pro Wireless Ear Buds!

    Chief Fun Officer | Winshuttle Mascot

  • 5.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 09-02-2020 11:32
    Hi Everyone!

    Here is a tip that has helped me several times. Sometimes you run into a table where you need to scroll up or down, but Winshuttle doesn't record scrolling up or down in a table. Instead you need to use buttons on the screen (like new entries, insert, last page, next page, etc.). My tip is that when there aren't any buttons available (or buttons that don't help), try clicking Page Down button on your keyboard. Page Down won't always work, but it's great when it does!

    I can recall two tables where this helped (I'm sure there are more). The first is MM01/MM02 material master on the View selection table. In order to get to the additional views, click Page Down on your keyboard when recording the script.

    Another is the MRP Areas table in MRP 1 of MM01/MM02 material master. I've attached a script and data file for this example. 

    I look forward to learning about your story/tips/tricks. 


    Maria Simpson | Solutions Engineer
    Winshuttle North America | 4255276647

  • 6.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 09-18-2020 13:29
    Hello. I'm Jon Varo from Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. My company uses EnterWorks as its PIM solution and we've had it in place for over five years now. I am a strong proponent for the EnterWorks PIM and the tremendous difference it has made for our company. Five years into having PIM in place, we are able to move faster than ever for meeting the challenges and demands of product data in the post-COVID marketplace.

    Our Recent Story:
    During the past few months, we have seen an unexpected boon and demand for our products and saw growth in fascinating, unexpected, and record-breaking ways. Through diversification of our products and offerings, we were able to weather the pandemic and the impact to our business. In the end, 2020 has become the year in which Fender has sold more instruments than it ever has in the history of our company. (

    • We increased traffic and revenue through our B2C site,, as well as our online learning platform, Fender Play™.
    • We've launched a series of Virtual B2B events to promote and introduce our latest products due to the cancellation of our bi-annual trade event, The NAMM Show.
    • The PIM is currently helping us meet our deadline for compliance with the US Lacey Act.
    • Our Manufacturing teams have begun using the PIM for Quality Assurance in both of our factories in California and Mexico.
    During this time, my colleagues and I were socially distanced and working from our homes yet were able to still maintain our day-to-day responsibilities, as well as our new post-COVID responsibilities. Utilizing EnterWorks via AWS was the key while videoconferencing technologies kept us in touch. EnterWorks PIM allowed our various teams to regroup at the beginning of the pandemic, leverage our data, and make all of things that I mentioned above possible. The examples I wrote about above are only a fraction of what the system has allowed us to accomplish in a small amount of time.

    Regardless of our fortune, we know that the specter of COVID still looms heavy for us but, while still cautious, we continue to forge ahead.  

    My CAMP WINSHUTTLE TIP For EnterWorks Users:
    My advice for everyone utilizing this system... Make sure that your PIM administrators are well versed in these programming languages and tools:
    1. Apache Velocity Template Language (Allows immediate control of data through Syndication Exports and Rules in PIM - Extremely important.)
    2. REGEX (Learn this in tandem with VTL)
    3. SQL (Knowing SQL unlocks possibilities in PIM that are limitless. Learn this after VTL.)
    4. Python (For the future of the MDM industry and AI)
    We offer online training to employees using Udemy For Business. I highly recommend getting your teams up to speed with a platform like this.

    I am very active here in the EnterWorks forum and am available to discuss the system at any time; as well as help troubleshoot problems. If I'm able, I'm always happy to lend a hand!

    Be well. Be safe. And I will see you all in the forums.

    Jonathan Varo | PIM Lead
    Fender Musical Instruments | 480-845-5823

  • 7.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 09-23-2020 13:55
    Hi Everyone! Here is my simple and helpful tip for studio/transaction users:

    Read and try to understand the expert view tab lines :)
    When scripting in studio for a basic transaction upload. There are times when you have to make updates like; add additional line items. In this use case we began the script to update just one line of text (RSTXLINE02). Once the sript was completed, we realized that there were 4 other lines to be updated. This can be a fairly common thing to happen as project scope requirements keep updating. In this example, you could always re-record with the 4 lines but what my team and I like to do is to copy the line item with the cursor position lines from the expert view, paste right below and update the Names/values. 
    for this example we started with 

    OK code for this screen BDC_OKCODE Text editor text line RSTXT-TXLINE(02)
    and then updated the whole script easily by adding the following lines under it. 

    OK code for this screen BDC_OKCODE Text editor text line RSTXT-TXLINE(03)

    OK code for this screen BDC_OKCODE Text editor text line RSTXT-TXLINE(04)

    OK code for this screen BDC_OKCODE Text editor text line RSTXT-TXLINE(05)

    isra azam |
    Exxon Mobil Corporation

  • 8.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 09-24-2020 07:58
    Thank you for sharing!​

    Margaret Bechtel | Senior Financial Analyst
    General Motors Company (GM) | 313-665-2658

  • 9.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 09-29-2020 11:24
    Hello Camp Winshuttle:
    I am a business analyst at Entegris. We use Foundation 11 and Studio 12. Winshuttle has helped us succeed with large scale projects, creating and loading litterally millions and millions of lines of data.

    I don't have any single big tip, but there are a few smaller ones that can make our Winshuttle lives easier:

    • Nested IF conditions are your friend, using these with a "helper" column in Excel can control default values for MDM. I recently used this to pin certain default values when changing a material from saleable to non-saleable and vice versa and it greatly simplified populating the template for our users.
    • It's possible to create a "query" using display t-codes and downloading values. Putting together a full query for routing component allocation was proving to be "complex." I was able to use t-code CA03 and CA13 to easily get into the component allocation screen and then turn on the necessary fields in the Expert View (turn on the disabled fields).
    • Not everyone has access to create/modify t-codes (CK11N) but display might work fine (CK13N). Similar to using this to create a query I just need the value from the stoplight icon to indicate if there is a costing error, or warning or Okay. In Excel for the download column of H_AMPLE I added conditional formatting to have the visual indicator of red, yellow, green lights.

    Thanks for reading and take care.


    Derek Sayres | SAP PLM Business Analyst

  • 10.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 09-29-2020 18:57

    Last chance to submit your tips for the contest! Plus, don't forget to vote for your favorites by clicking the 'Recommend' button next to the post. Thanks everyone!

    Community Manager | Winshuttle

  • 11.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 10-06-2020 12:12

    And, that's a wrap! Thank you to all that participating in the Winshuttle Community Contest!

    We're excited to announce the 3 Grand Prize Winners:
    - @Bob Demetter
    - @Derek Sayres
    - @Brenda Maxwell

    We'd also like to recognize @isra azam and @Jon Varo for their helpful contributions and @Sigrid Kok and @Maria Simpson from the Winshuttle Team too. Great work to all and thanks for sharing your valuable tips with the Community!​​​​​​​​​

    Community Manager | Winshuttle

  • 12.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 10-06-2020 13:25
    Congratulations @Bob Demetter, @Brenda Maxwell, and @Jon Varo​​​ - 3 amazing EnterWorks brand customers!

    Suzanne Heeran | Marketing Programs Manager
    Winshuttle North America | 7702410933

  • 13.  RE: Camp Winshuttle Contest - Share your skills!

    Posted 10-07-2020 16:48
    Congrats Derek Sayres! 
    Appreciate your past and continued involvement with the Community.
    Stay well all.

    David Kapustka | Poosh
    Winshuttle North America | 4255276657