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BOM Change Upload Process

  • 1.  BOM Change Upload Process

    Posted 30 days ago

    One of the Supply Chain managers sent me this message regarding BOM changes.  My expertise has been in writing and running queries to extract data but I recall from  some initial training in WS the functionally to upload is also quite powerful and fairly straightforward.



    "With you being the resident Winshuttle expert I have a question for you. Would you know how to extract BOM information for various FG sku's so that they could be changed or maintained and then uploaded back into the system?"


    Looking for guidance on where to educate myself on WS upload process.


    Thank you.




    david goris

    C: (201) 388-7837

    Sr Supply Chain Project Manager



    333 Washington St., 4th Floor, Jersey City, NJ 07302



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  • 2.  RE: BOM Change Upload Process

    Posted 29 days ago
    ​Hi there

    Yes, there are 2 diffrent techniques that can be applied here as far as I see it.
    Transaction is the main-script that you would use to CREATE a BOM, and that is pretty much equal to a query, apart from that you are actually pushing data to SAP,
    Now, what you are saying is that you would like to CREATE or CHANGE an excisting BOM is slightly more complex even thou I would questioning changeing a BOM due to GS1-regulations, but that is another chapter.
    Anyhow, in order to be able to change AND create a BOM, I would go for a BAPI-script and that is diffrent from a normal script.
    Winshuttle has a very good script-template for create and change of Alternative unit of measure, and even thou this is not for BOM, it is using the same technique that you would need to apply

    Open up a ticket an reply with

    "Hello Winshuttle Support, I would like to request this template:

    MM02: Add alternate units of measure

    ID #29083"

    Hope this helps

    Henrik Axell Master Data Analyst
    Essity Hygiene and Health

  • 3.  RE: BOM Change Upload Process

    Posted 19 days ago
    Thank you Henrik, Martin and Sigrid for the replies to my question. I've since learned that timing is early first quarter 2019 so we will be determining next steps later this year and will reach out again when the inevitable next questions arise.

    David Goris | Sr Supply Chain Manager
    Proximo Spirits | [City] | 201-630-7839

  • 4.  RE: BOM Change Upload Process

    Posted 29 days ago

    I created a linked Transaction to change a component in a BOM using the following: -


    Script 1 (Transaction CS02) to remove the particular component.

    Enter the Valid from Date

    Locate the SKU to be removed using the "Position" function and read the quantity


    Script 2 (Transaction CS02)

    Add the new product to the bottom line reading and using the quantity obtained from Script 1


    The template consists of: -

    Column A – BOM SKU

    Column B – Valid from Date

    Column C – Component to remove

    Column D – Component Add

    Column E – Quantity. This is read from Script 1 and written into script 2

    Column F – Log Column


    I hope this helps?


    Kind regards,


    Martin Burrage
    Master Data Manager
    CMS Distribution Ltd


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  • 5.  RE: BOM Change Upload Process

    Posted 29 days ago
    Hi David

    Am attaching an example read BOM bapi using a standard rFM that SAP provides.

    Queries are possible, however getting the right combination for effectivity is tricky.  There is a valid from but not a valid to date.  And if you search on revision or change number, you'll only get components added for that revision/change number, not all components valid for that revision/change number.  So it's much simpler to use the BAPI.

    For updating a BOM, I have an example CS02 transaction, where I recorded an action to ADD a component, UPDATE a component, DELETE a component or REPLACE a component.  Then I used IF logic around those parts of the script.  We use Excel data validation to provide a drop down "action code", and your script runs off of the "action code" on each component row.  If that would be helpful, I can share it, too, just let me know.

    Hope it's helpful​,

    Sigrid Kok
    PSE | Winshuttle North America