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These Winshuttle Studio templates are meant to provide examples for how to build scripts in many of our customers’ most common transaction codes. The Official Winshuttle templates have been tested, but might not work out of the box with your specific business processes and SAP systems and thus may require you to customize them. User generated templates may not have gone through the same testing as the official Winshuttle templates, but have been contributed by community members that are using them on their own SAP systems. If you are looking for a template that is not on the list, please send us a request. If you think a template is helpful, use the comments to let us know!

We cannot provide support for user generated templates but will support Winshuttle official templates.

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Add alternate units of measure

This Winshuttle Studio template helps you add alternate units of measure to multiple materials from a single Excel worksheet in one click. #Transaction #MM02 #MasterData #11xandabove #Studio #English #T-code

MM02 Add Alternate Units of Measure.zip

Library Entry
Change Material Class (001) characteristic values

Using this Winshuttle Studio template, you can change the values of multiple characteristics for multiple materials. #Transaction #MM02 #MasterData #Studio #T-code #English #11xandabove

MM02 Change Class Characteristics Values.zip

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Update materials – Finished goods

This Winshuttle Studio MM02 template brings fields from multiple screens into a single spreadsheet, so that you can enter the material data and update multiple materials with one click. #Transaction #Studio #MM02 #MasterData #11xandabove #T-code #English

MM02 Update Materials.zip